The musical kite is the most innovate concept after more than 2.000 years of development. Since ancient China until now, only the sail and assembling process were improved.

  Now a new concept begins. For the first time, users can now hear sound effects, voices and music, or create music using the kite as a flying musical instrument.



  The invention consists of replacing the standard kite controllers (usually made of wood or plastic) by an electronic device with a sound system and a force/movement sensor.

   Any standard kite can be upgraded with these controllers, because all the innovation and the electronic system are inside them.

  The idea is to allow the user to modify the sounds (volume, frequency...) depending on the movements during the flight.


   Flight experience is now very different, and offers lots of fun for kids and adults. Forget using your kite two days and getting bored after ten minutes because you can only do a few maneuvers with the sail. Now, you can create music or receive feedback through sounds and enjoy and enhanced flight experience.